How to get to Lubanzi

GPS COORDINATES: S32 04 04.7 - E29 05 09.6 - 38 m
ALERT: Your GPS mostly gives the shortest route, not the fastest - which in our case can mean 50km of terrible gravel road instead of 80km of tar road. If you are coming from the N2, East London OR Durban direction, ALWAYS turn onto the Coffee Bay road to get to Lubanzi, no matter what your GPS may suggest.

How to use this map: Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the map banner. A menu will appear, showing different placemarkers and routes. If you are driving your own car: Click on the "normel car" or "4x4/offroad vehicle" directions to follow the route from the N2 down to Lubanzi. If you travel by bus/local transport, the placemarkers can help you find your way.

You can also download a printable roadmap here.


BY CAR: From the N2, take the Coffee Bay turn off (about 20km from Mthatha). Follow the road for about 50km until you see the BIG sign to Zithulele Mission Hospital/Hole in the Wall. Turn right onto the tar road. Follow the road for about 25min or until you see a sign: Lubanzi Junior Secondary School about 1km before the hospital. Take the sharp right turn onto the dirt road. Once you have made a sharp right turn onto the dirt road, you will immediately see a hardware shop called Emthunzini Store on your right. If you have missed the turn off, just turn around at the hospital, drive back for about 2min and take the first dirt road on your left. Once you are on the dirt road, follow the road for 5km. (The road is currently driveable even by small cars, though it is very bumpy and one should drive very slowly (5km/h) and with caution. Aim to arrive by daylight! It's a bit difficult to manage the road in the dark.) Just before you reach the beach, look to your left and you will spot our main house, unique with half-gutter half-perspex roof! About 3/4 down the last hill, turn left towards Wild Lubanzi. You will cross a small river, the road curves to the left which will lead you past the stage to the newly laid parking area.

PLEASE NOTE: it's a 2 hour drive from the N2 to Wild Lubanzi. Aim to arrive in daylight - the road is difficult to manage at night!

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: From the local taxi rank in Mthatha (or from opposite Shell Ultra City) catch a taxi to Mqanduli (last town on the Coffee Bay road, if you are not sure, you can ask anyone on the taxi or the driver for Mqanduli). Another option is to draw a little cardboard sign with the letters XAE (code for Mqanduli) and stand at the side of the road - the right taxi will pick you up. You will change taxis once on the way. Let the driver know that you are on your way to Zithulele Hospital and you will be shown where to change. At the taxi rank in Mquanduli (next to Spar) find a taxi to Zithulele Hospital. Call us when you leave Mqanduli and we will pick you up from Zithulele Hospital 40 minutes later
Prices may vary, therefore make sure you have enough cash on hand:
- From Mthatha to Mqanduli - around R35 per person
- From Mqanduli to Zithulele - around R60 per person
- Wild Lubanzi shuttle for Zithulele pick up - R60 per person
Alternatively, arrange to book the Coffee Shack Shuttle from Mthatha in the direction Coffee Bay. Notify the driver to drop you off at Kwaaiman T-Junction (the turn-off to Zithulele Hospital). Catch another taxi to Zithulele Hospital. Give us a call as soon as you are on your way for us to arrange your pick up at Zithulele. A PICK-UP IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST AND SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - PLEASE BOOK AT LEAST A DAY IN ADVANCE!
Prices may vary, therefore make sure you have enough cash on hand:
- Coffee Shack Shuttle to Kwaaiman - around R90 per person
- Option 1: Wild Lubanzi shuttle for Kwaaiman pick up - R85 per person
- Option 2: Taxi from Kwaaiman to Zithulele - around R35 per person, Wild Lubanzi shuttle for Zithulele pick up - R30 per person