Things to Do

in a place where you don't have to do anything.

Within 10 meters

1 - Wild Wine Experience
Taste between 3 and 5 wines, pairing them with either carefully chosen cheese or chocolate. We speak about how to really taste wine and why it tastes the way it does. But most importantly, we drink wine while sharing stories. A unique experience in a fabulous setting. Wild Wine Experience

2 - Garden Surprise
Our very first love is gardening and putting super fresh food on the table. Our organic vegetable garden is a big open canvas for us to create sustenance. You are welcome to join us in picking your lunch or dinner or helping out with some weeding if you are experienced. You are also welcome to just sit and relax and experience something green in our garden.
herbs from the organic vegetable garden at Wild Lubanzitomatoes from the organic vegetable garden at Wild Lubanzi
3 - Stargazing
The stars here are amazing! There is almost no light pollution so at new moon they truly look like they are falling from the sky. Every night if you watch long enough you will see shooting stars. You are welcome to grab a blanket and tuck yourself into a hammock or drag your mattress onto the deck and sleep under the stars.
4 - Tree Planting
Here we believe that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now. We have planted hundreds of trees at Lubanzi and enjoy it every time we do. Our nursery has lots of baby trees that can't wait to get their roots into the soil. You are welcome to plant your own tree right here in our premises whenever you feel the need - we will gladly supply the tree!
tree planting at Lubanzitree planting at Lubanzi Backpackers
5 - Bookworms
Feeling lazy? Grab a book from our library, find a cozy spot and lose yourself in a different world. If you have books you would like to donate, we will be happy to add them to our collection.
Guest Library at Wild LubanziGuest Library at Wild Lubanzi

Within 500 meters

6 - Hilltop Walk
Walking the Wild Coast is the best way to get a real feel for the place. The hilltop lawns have been kept manicured for your convenience by the local sheep and cows. Its perfect, you can roll up and down them or just sit and watch the sea or village life. There are spectacular Aloe Ferox forests that are hundreds of years old or clifftops that will take your breath away. There is a special hill above the beach that is most perfect to perch yourself on while watching the sunset or sunrise.
hilltop view at Wild Lubanzihilltop walk at Wild Lubanzi Backpackers
7 - Caves
Lubanzi has some spectacular sea caves that you can visit during low tide. They have been worn into the cliff face over thousands of years. There is even one you can swim into, called the mermaids cave. Ask us for details on where and how to explore these hidden secrets.
8 - Whale Watching
The Sardine Run on the East Coast is one of the most spectacular experiences on earth. The whales come to feed on the sardines from June through to late November. The hills around Lubanzi make for some of the best land based whale watching in South Africa. The whales also use the bay to calve in and you will often see mothers and babies all through winter and spring. And nope, those are not gun shots that you hear - it's the whales whipping their tails onto the water, or slapping each other. They are often so close that you can hear the mothers singing to their babies.
9 - Dolphin Playing
The dolphins are around all year round but during the Sardine Run they are here almost every day. They play in the surf break at Lubanzi beach and you can often see them doing back flips and surfing. A few guests have braved the distance and swum out to play nearby. There are a few rocky outcrops where the dolphins come to within meters of you. This bay is one of the most spectacular places to see dolphins.

Within 5 km

10 - Hole in the Wall
South Africa has some of the most beautiful iconic locations in the wold. Hole in the Wall has to some extent come to represent the splendor of the Wild Coast and its natural beauty. Hiking from the Lubanzi side offers a unique entrance into this stunning environment. The clifftops offer the perfect perspective to view whales, dolphins and the birdlife that follows the Sardine Run. Endless rolling hills form the backdrop for rural villages and lovely people who live here. Take a day pack and head out on this 3 hour return hike from the backpackers.
Hole in the Wall by Denzil VlamingHole in the Wall by Denzil Vlaming
11 - Secret Spots
There is a little beach just 10 minutes walk from Wild Lubanzi Bacpackers. Hardly anyone visits it and most of the time you have it all to yourself. There are also some beautiful rock pools along the rocky shore near the Lubanzi caves that are just perfect for a dip. We are sure there are more secret spots and that you will find them and make them your own.
Cows on the Beach
12 - Estuary Experience
There is a beautiful river estuary just 20 min walk from the backpackers. The riverbanks offer a great spot to fly fish from, or you can convince one of the village kids to teach you how to use the fishing poles they have hand crafted. There are a few Fish Eagles nesting on the cliff face upriver and sightings are common. You are welcome to borrow a lylo and paddle up river or just put your towel down or hammock up under a trea and take a nap.
13 - Milkwood Forest
Just up the beach from the estuary are a grove of milkwoods gowing right on the edge of the sand. They are mostly red milkwoods that form the stability for the small dunes along the coast. A little further in you can find the larger leafed white milkwoods. These trees are protected in South Africa and can live hundreds of years. The Xhosa communities eat the little red berries and apparently this is sometimes added to the locally brewed beer.
14 - Bird Sightings
During the Sardine Run the birdlife at sea is spectacular: gannets and other sea birds feed off the abundance of fish that are trapped along the coast in the cold currents. The Wild Coast is also one of the few places where you can view the ground hornbill that is now endangered. There is an abundance of other birdlife and this makes the Wild Coast one of the top birdwatching areas in South Africa.