Building a paradise in a sustainable way.

We are currently rebuilding our backpackers from scratch - the old Wild Lubanzi was demolished in August 2016. The new Wild Lubanzi is/will be a funky design, completely hand-built, original and special in every imaginable way.

Self-catering kitchen

The self-catering kitchen is in the lower level of the main house, built into the hill, with fantastic ocen views. The kitchen has a guest fridge and freezer, a gas stove with oven, and all the pots, pans, plates and cutlery that you will need.
self catering kitchen at Wild Lubanziself catering kitchen at Wild Lubanzi


The toilets are in the main level of the main house, one is accessible from the inside, one from the outside. The walls are built by hand with stone and cement. The toilets have taps for flushing rather than cisterns, and the water for flushing comes directly from the showers above to maximise water recycling. From the toilets the waste water goes into specially constructed sewage tanks, which are the first step of a green machine, a natural grey and black water recycling system.
Toilets and Shower Toilets and Shower


The shower is in the upper level of the main house, above the toilets. The whole shower room has a wooden floor, like a deck, with interlocked gutters underneath, so that all spilled water drips through the floor into the gutters and from there flows into the collection tank, which in turn feeds the toilets. For now the shower is heated by gas. At a later point we will install two more shower heads, one powered by solar heating, the other one by a rocket shower system.

Fridge with Beer

We do not run a bar but we do have a fridge with cold beers and ciders and some soft drinks.
There is small selection of white and red wines in the kitchen and gin and tonic etc can be found at times. Tequila is a mysterious thing that comes and goes and is normally bought with the very generous tips and donations found in various forms. Chocolate liquor has been known to appear in various odd places on various strange people. Other than that you may wander the village in search of the infamous shebeen.

Library/reading corner

On a raised wooden platform above the (yet to be built) fireplace there is a little library/reading corner with piles of pillows, inviting you to relax and read a good book. Please do not remove these books as this is not a book exchange but a library for all guests to enjoy.
Library Reading Corner

Chill out deck

At the main level of the main house there is a big chill out deck with sea view, inviting you to relax in a hammock or hang out with friends or have a drink at the bar next to the deck.
chill out deck at Wild Lubanzihammockchill out deck with view