The main house is a shared space, and therefore subject to extra saftey measures during this time of Covid-19. Upon entering the main house you may wear a face mask if you prefer (this is only a recommendation, not a rule). Wash your hands thoroughly before entering the main house and after leaving the main house. There are hand stanitizer stations on the main deck and in the kitchen - make use of them. And please keep your distance from other guests - ast least 1.5 meters. There are also bottles of surface cleaners available - kindly wipe down all surfaces that you have been using/touching. Like this, we can all keep each other safe and avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

Self-Catering Kitchen

The self-catering kitchen is on the lowest level of the main house. You can store your food here, and make use of the cooking facilities. Please make sure to always leave the kitchen the way you found it - clean. Be considerate of the others sharing the space with you.


The toilets are on the main level of the main house. Please wash your hands before and after using the bathroom. There is surface cleaner available on the shelf - wipe down the doorknob and tap and other surfaces you touched. Like this, you are keeping the next person safe - as the previous person kept YOU safe.


The shower is on the upper level of the main house and has a separate outside entrance (you don't need to enter the house to get to the shower). There is only one hot shower on the property, so please don't leave your shampoo and other utensils in the shower - other people are using this space, too. There is surface cleaner available - after showering, please wipe down all the surfaces you have touched.


We offer free Wi-Fi to all our guests. Before arrival you will receive an email with the Wi-Fi code.

Off the Grid

Wild Lubanzi is completely off the grid. We are running on a little solar system and power is limited. There is enough to charge phones and laptops but not enough for any sort of power tools or other machines. Also nothing with heating elements may be plugged in: no toasters, hairdryers, electric kettles etc.
We are also not on a public water line, so please be conscious and considerate in your usage of water.The winter months are dry and during that time water shortages may be expected.