Covid-19 Measures

Because of Covid-19 we had to implent certain protocols and adhere to new rules and regulations. Please take note of the following house rules:

Booking Process

Bookings can only be made directly, either through Email or WhatsApp. In your confirmation message, you will receive our House Rules and the Wi-Fi password.

House Rules

We are busy building a non-contact reception and check-in area. Until that reception is functional, please present yourself at the main house for check-in. Before arrival, you have to give consent to have your temperature taken upon check-in, and to fill in this form to declare your health status. Please note that we are forced to not accept your booking or turn you away at the door should you present with a fever or any other symptoms of a Covid-19 infection.
While residing at Wild Lubanzi, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer every time you enter or leave a communal space.
After using the kitchen, bathroom or other communal spaces, wipe down all surfaces you touched with the provided surface cleaner.
If you feel sick or present any symptoms of Covid-19 while staying at Wild Lubanzi, please inform us immediately so we can help you to self-isolate and put you into contact with the local health care services.
At all times, keep at least 1.5m distance from all other guests or staff at our premises. Close physical contact should only be had with people who share your room.

Travel Documents

During Lockdown Level 3, only business travel and intra-provincial travel is allowed. Make sure you have your proper travel documents in place before embarking on a trip!

Health Declaration
Asata advises that travellers also should complete a health declaration form, which allows authorities to track and trace suspected COVID cases. This form needs to be completed, signed, printed and a copy given to Port Health officials before entering an airport.
Travel Permit Affidavit
Affidavit required (sworn statement at police station) to help you travel between provinces.
Funeral Travel Permit
If you travel for a funeral between provinces during Level 3 lockdown.
Essential Service Travel
Form if you are traveling during Level 3 to perform an essential service.