Welcome to the beginning of Wild Lubanzi V 2.0!

We have got our pemit!
We are building a brand new Wild Lubanzi from scratch on the hill next door, overlooking the beach.
We will be closed during the month of August while the building happens
but open again for business from September onwards.
You are all invited to come on over and give comment
or help plant trees, dig it!, make new roads or just chill and have a drink with us.
We have been looking forward to creating again! Its happily happening now!

This is Lubanzi, a little Xhosa Village in the middle of nowhere of the former Transkei. This is where the road ends, this is where the sea and the sky meet, where the sun kisses the waves and the rhythm of life is still pure and undisturbed.

Kick off your shoes, check your Ego in at the baggage counter. Free yourself, climb into your skin, open up, be at one, breathe. Lubanzi is as "away from everything" as you can possibly be.

Are you ready to let go? Wild Lubanzi is not everyone's cup of tea. It's a particular and peculiar bunch of wildlings that have created their nest here. We have escaped the 'normal' world and have found happiness living with no TV, limited electronic gadgets and almost zero media. Yes, life's got a different pace here. We dance to the rhythm of our own heartbeats, we use our hands and brains to create our own reality, and we measure ourselves by those who are drawn to this place and the diversity and integrity it holds.

We are more than happy to share our little paradise with whoever is happy to be a part of it. If you're a wildling just like us you will love it here. If none of this makes sense to you then please find yourself a nice little hotel someplace else.

Wild Lubanzi has been built with love and care on every level. Our staff are our family, all of them are directors of the company, all of them make the place what it is. We do not accept anyone being racist, sexist, agist, homophobic, xenophobic, entomophobic or just a horrible person in whatever way. If you are then we will happily drop you off at the nearest minibus taxi. We are however open to debate any of the above if you are unsure of where you stand. Wild Lubanzi is a place for the young-at-heart, a place for dreamers, adventurers, travellers, or anyone who ever felt that "there must be more to life". Here's more. You wanna come see?

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Carob, one of the 2 ridgebacks at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerscliffs at Lubanzi, Eastern Capeview from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers onto the beach and cliffs
sunrise seen from Wild Lubanzi Backpackerslocal houses in Lubanzione of the 5 Wild Lubanzi cats

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